Gaskets, Seals & Washers

Corseal supplies a comprehensive range of gaskets & seals for a multitude of applications and uses. 

Washer Kits

For convienience we have come up with some standard kits of fibre and copper washers commonly used in electrical installations and weather sealing applications. They are particularly suitable for use with water (salt or fresh) although from drinking (potable) water it is better to use EPDM.

Ring-type joints

Initially developed for high pressure & temperature applications which are found in the petroleum industry and is primarily used in the oil field for drilling equipment. However, this product range can also be found for valve and pipework applications. Available in both oval and octagonal configurations.


The video shows our new CNC cutting machine in action cutting NONAS material V300. This machine can cut all materials available on this site.

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Reflex Gasket Set

Reflex Gasket Set

 Reflex Type Kit (half) consists of:  1 x 12mm sleeve, 2 x 18mm sleeves, 2 x KU16 rings, 2 x copper washers for cleaning plug joints and drain cock...

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