Die-Formed Rings

Flexible graphite die-formed packing rings can be supplied square section, chamfered, split, matched halves and in sets with wipers. They can also be supplied with metal reinforcement wire or with metal end caps for high pressure requirements. These die-formed rings are made from high purity expanded graphite foil have outstanding chemical resistance and are unaffected by the majority of the chemical media within the industry.

We machine the tools and have the capability to press up to 24". Our skin wrapping facilities ensure that our graphite gaskets and rings are packaged securely ready for transit.


The manufacture and process of our rings ensures that they are volumetrically stable, without fillers or binders and essentially impermeable and without porosity. Typical specification for temperature range is -240°C to 430°C.

Gland packing

Flexible graphite packing designed to provide a seal between a moving spindle or shaft and the pressurised housing which it penetrates.


  • Valves
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Oil industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Thermoelectric stations
  • Nuclear power stations



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Reflex Gasket Set

Reflex Gasket Set

 Reflex Type Kit (half) consists of:  1 x 12mm sleeve, 2 x 18mm sleeves, 2 x KU16 rings, 2 x copper washers for cleaning plug joints and drain cock...

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