Graphite Sleeve Packings


Valve Spares / Die Formed Rings

Corseal manufacture Die Formed Packing Rings that are an essential parts of any valve.

Fitting around the spindle the ensure it's smooth action and the prevent leakage.

The effective sealing properties, combined with the ease with which it can be removed and replace ensure graphite is the material of choice.

Packing Sleeves are used in many brands of Gauge Cock, to prevent leakage and to ensure effective operation. 

Corseal's Packing Sleeves are made from 99.5% pure graphite, with stainless steel eyelets, the computer controlled compression, ensure a standard, quality product.

Corseal Packing Sleeves are compatible with all brands of sleeve packed cock: Klinger, Gresswell, Shaw, Bont, Level RCM, Dewrance, Hopkinsons and many more.

Current sizes available as standard.

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