Inconel Reinforced Pure Graphite Packing


Supplied in 8m boxes up to 25mm

Cor-Pack 400GI is a Pure Graphite & Inconel premier grade packing and available in 4mm section up to 25mm.

Cor-Pack 400GI is braided from very pure expanded premium graphite yarn and reinforced with Inconel wire incorperating a corrosion inhibitor to prevent pitting on the stems.

Cor-Pack 400GI has a long seal life and suitable for high temperature and high pressure valves. It has high thermal conductivity and very low friction properties to extend the service life.

Cor-Pack 400GI is used on valves, reciprocating pumps and static applications on steam. Used in Refineries, petrochemical, power generation and metal processing industries.

Data Rotating Reciprocating Valves
Pressure 50 Bar 400 Bar 400 Bar
Shaft Speed 20m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Density 1.1 - 1.4g/cm
Temperature -220/+550°C (650° with steam)
PH 0 - 14