O-Ring Kit - Nitrile NBR (Metric)


BOX set of metric sized o-rings

NITRILE, NBR 70° Shore A

Includes 30 different sizes, total of 404 pcs as detailed below:

18 pcs of each 3mm x 2mm, 4mm x 2mm, 5mm x 2mm, 6mm x 2mm

17 pcs of each 7mm x 2mm, 8mm x 2mm, 10mm x 2mm

14 pcs of each 10mm x 2.5mm, 11mm x 2.5mm, 12mm x 2.5mm, 14mm x 2.5mm, 16mm x 2.5mm, 17mm x 2.5mm, 19mm x 2.5mm

12 pcs of each 19mm x 3mm, 20mm x 3mm, 22mm x 3mm, 24mm x 3mm, 25mm x 3mm, 27mm x 3mm, 28mm x 3mm, 30mm x 3mm, 32mm x 3mm, 33mm x 3mm, 35mm x 3mm, 36mm x 3mm, 38mm x 3mm

9 pcs of each 38mm x 4mm, 42mm x 4mm, 45mm x 4mm

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