Expanded PTFE Gaskets 3mm Thick (Full Face)



CORTEX gasket sheet consists of virgin, expanded PTFE. CORTEXshows very good material characteristics at high surface pressures and increasing temperatures. Even under extreme operating conditions there are very low changes in width and in height compared to other PTFE materials. Gaskets made of CORTEXsheet, high surface temperatures will be maintained even at high pressures.

CORTEX is suited to applications such as joints in oxygen pipelines.

Product Data

Material Expanded multidirectional fibrous PTFE.
Chemical Resistance High
Temperature Range -240°C to +315°C.
Pressure Range The pressure range depends on installation and working parameters
Specific Material Characteristics  

Typical Applications

  Pipeline flanges, Manways, glass lined vessels


  • Cut or punch CORTEX gasket sheets.

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