E-Glass Braided Packing


Braided packing is produced from various types of yarn and can be supplied in round, square or rectangular section.

Braided E-Glass packing is a high strength product with low compressibility and is especially recommended for those heavy duty applications. When the packing is coated with graphite, an increase in lubricity results.

Braided E-Glass packing is made from texturized, continuous E-Glass fibre filaments up to a maximum of 9 microns. These fibres cause considerably less irritation of the skin than the coarser fibres.

Chemical Properties
Braided E-Glass packing exhibits excellent chemical stability resisting attack from most corrosive agents. Exceptions are Hydrofluoric Acids and Phosphoric Acids and Concentrated Alkalies. No water of hydration is present. Excellent die-electrical strength.

Braided E-Glass packing is available in the following diameter sizes : 6-50 mm, section sizes : 6 x 6 - 50 x 50 mm. Other dimensions and rectangular sizes available.

All E-Glass

Products are also available in a black version which is made by a colourfast lubricant but manufactured to order.


- Static Seals in (Steam)Boilers and (Coke)Furnaces
- Kiln Car Seals
- Seals in Heat Exchangers
- Seals between Filter Elements
- Wrapping of Exhausts
- Corseal have in-house facilities to apply the protective braiding directly on the flexible products

Typical Physical Properties
Average density: 900 kg/m3
Colour: White
Basic Composition: Silica
Continuous Use Limit: 550°C
Melting Point: 840°C


6MM           = 100M

8MM           = 100M

10MM         = 50M

12MM         = 50M

15MM         = 50M

20MM         = 30M

25MM         = 30M

30MM         = 10M

40MM         = 10M

50MM         = 10M