Cortex Expanded PTFE Tape


Cortex is a low cost alternative Pure Expanded PTFE Sealing Tape. It is equal in function to very expensive brands but is less than half the price.

The product consists of a rectangular cross section PTFE tape with a self adhesive backing strip. The tape is fixed around the sealing face of one flange, slightly overlapped, and then the flanges are bolted together forming an extremely chemical and solvent resistant seal.

Cortex is made from FDA approved PTFE and therefore suitable for food and similar applications.

Mounting Instructions

The contact surfaces must be clean, free from grease and dry. Overlap the ends in front of a bolt and tighten the bolts crosswisely. If the contact surfaces are very uneven or badly damaged use a strip next in width. It is also possible to line parts of the surfaces with Cortex.

Also available in sheet form. 

Data sheet:

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