Multi Purpose Sponge Rubber Sheeting (Self Adhesive)


Multi purpose sponge rubber sheeting made from a closed cell neoprene and EPDM blend.  Neoprene provides excellent resistance against oil, acid and alkalis while EPDM has Good Weathering, Heat and Ozone Resistance.

Self Adhesive Backed.

Easy to install, just peel off the self adhesive backing!  The adhesive backing tape used is not fully resistant to water, therefore where there is a large amount of moisture or water present, it is advisable to use plain expanded neoprene and a good contact adhesive. 

  • Applications include:
  • Gasketing
  • Air Vents
  • Various domestic applications
  • Making a watertight seal on boat hatches, lockers, car coots, enclosures, cabinets and amy more...

All rolls are 1m wide and are supplied in 1m or 10m lengths. Also available in standard and strip form.

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