MannTek dry disconnect & safety break-away couplings

Corseal Ltd are delighted to have been awarded master distributor status for MannTek, a Swedish manufacturer of Dry Disconnect Couplings, Swivels and Safety Break-Aways, with customised solutions on request.

MannTek designs, manufactures and markets products for safe and environmentally friendly handling of aggressive fluids for the chemical and petrochemical industries. The products are marketed through independent representatives in almost 100 countries.

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MannTek is certified to ISO9001:2008. The products are CE-labeled. The main products are certified to PED, the European Pressure Equipment Directive and ATEX, the European directive for Equipment intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. The products are produced in accordance with several important standards, e.g. the NATO STANAG 3756

Dry Disconnect Couplings

MannTek Dry Disconnect Couplings are used for handling and transfer of liquids, gases and bulk powder in an economical, safe and environmental friendly way. The self sealing design of the couplings guarantees both the highest level of safety and also the quickest way of connecting and disconnecting. Dry Disconnect Couplings are available in sizes from ¾” up to 8” and in a wide range of materials and seals to be the given choice for almost any application.

mann tek

Typical applications for dry disconnect couplings

  • Ship to rig transfer
  • Ship to shore transfer
  • On rig handling
  • Container discharge
  • Fuel bunkering
  • Barge to ferry bunkering

Safety break-away couplings

Safety Break-away couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, the internal valves will close the flow in both lines and prevent unwanted release of product. The Safety Break-away couplings are available as Industrial and Marine type.

Marine version of Safety-breakaway Couplings are designed specifically to be installed within a hose string, where the coupling would have a length of hose attached to both sides. MannTek Safety-breakaway Couplings are available in sizes from 1” (DN25) to 12” (DN300).

Typical applications for safety break-away couplings

  • Ship to Rig Fluid Transfer
  • Ship to Shore Fluid Transfer
  • Ship to Ship Fluid Transfer
  • Bunkering, Marine Refuelling

MannTek swivels

MannTek Swivels are used in the industry wherever a movable pipe-connection system between two equipment parts is needed. Avoiding one of the biggest causes of premature hose failure. Torque stress is the largest single cause of PTFE and Stainless steel convoluted hose failure. Swivels are available in sizes from ¾” (DN20) to 10” (DN200).

Typical applications for swivels

  • Offshore hose reels ship-to-shore
  • Oil platform loading rigs
  • Marine and industrial loading arms
  • Hoses for road and rail tanker
  • Chemical and petrochemical liquids and liquefied gases

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