Premium Marine Exhaust Wrap (550°C)


PRODUCT TYPE: Exhaust Wrap

PRODUCT VENDOR: Flame Barrier Exhaust Wrap

30M (98.4ft) rolls of Exhaust wrap. Marine Exhaust wrap is thicker (6mm) and more durable than standard exhaust wrap, making it ideal for Marine applications.  
A 50mm diameter pipe will need approximately 1M of wrap for every 300mm of pipe....

Our products contain no Asbestos or Ceramic.

Includes 6 x 200mm(8inch) steel cable ties.

Colour: White
Average Fibre Diameter: 9 micron
Continuous temperature use: 550°C (1000°F)
Short Term maximum temperature use: 650°C (1200°F)
Melting point: 840°C (1500°F)

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