Why do i need to use PTFE-ENVELOPES?

Why do I need Ptfe envelopes? Ptfe envelopes gaskets are used for a number of different applications throughout the Petro-Chemical Industry. Depending on the construction of the insert they are suitable in many sections of service. The different combinations of...

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Flange Tables

Ever wondered what size gaskets are required or you would expect to receive for your flanges Corseal now have a link for you to download or view at your ease. You can use our handy table which displays flat ring and full...

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Web shop up and running

Corseal Ltd has now launched its new website on line shop, you can purchase the below items easily. Items included in the site, range from , gaskets, rubber extrusions, rubber sheeting, Ptfe products, Valve packings, Rubber matting, Silicone sheet ,...

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New Machine

  Corseal can now offer a new kind of competitive service for cutting pads, gaskets, scrapper blades in all kinds of soft materials specialising in rubbers and elastomers. The gasket cutter features a total digital workflow. Gaskets are created on...

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