Flange Face Protectors

We at Corseal have launched our new range of Flange Face Protectors. They are a balanced combination of high grade rubber and an especially developed adhesive for Full Flange Face and Equipment Protection during storage, transport, painting, coating and sandblasting. These products out perform traditional plastic caps, cardboard, wood, tape and other less professional protection solutions.

The Self Adhesive Flange Protector manufactured by Corseal in the UK offers flange protection for pipe flanges of all types.

The Corseal Self Adhesive Flange Protector offers the following advantages:

  • Application range: 1/2" - 86"
  • Pressure groups 150/300/400/600/900/1500
  • Protection of the flange or face
  • Especially suitable for internally coated flanges
  • Easy application
  • High resistant against tearing
  • Available in a wide range of standard and non-standard sizes

These items will be available to purchase on our web site to order

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