MannTek product configerator

MannTek product configerator

Have you ever needed to know what kind of DDC (Dry Disconnect Coupling) you needed or any product that MannTek manufacture.

DGC ( Dry Gas Couplings)

DAC ( Dry Aviation Couplings )

DCC ( Dry Cryogenic Couplings )

SBC (Safety Breakaway Couplings )

CBC ( Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings )

FFBV ( Full Flow Ball Valves )

SJ ( Swivel Joints )

The new MannTek Configurator has all the insight you need, just pop in the info required and all will be revealed as to your recommended product for your application.

Follow the link and enjoy. 

Once your chosen product has been made please contact Corseal on 01787 282444 or for your price and delivery.


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