FKM -the Super Hero of Rubber Sheeting

FKM - the Super Hero of Rubber Sheeting!

A075 Chemours Viton™ Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet is the super hero of rubber sheeting that will outlast all other general purpose polymers, thanks to its superior performance!

Made using genuine Viton­™, the A075 Fluoroelastomer (or FKM for short), comes with a genuine guarantee of quality compliance - but only if you buy it from an Authorised Distributor such as Corseal.



A number of materials are often referred to as Viton™, however, only European or USA manufactured material that carries the Viton™ mark, has truly passed all the necessary stringent quality checks.

But don't just take our word for it, as members of the Viton™ Licensee Program, we are recognised distributors working with the Chemours Company to promote and sell genuine Viton™ materials and products.


A075 Chemours Viton™ FKM Rubber Sheet

We carry a wide range of Viton™ FKM rubber sheeting available in 1mm to 25mm in Plate (smooth) or Cloth marked two sides. To view our range visit

If you require a high quality rubber sheeting that is resistant to high temperatures, acids, oils, chemicals and gases, call James or Greg on 01787 282444 for our best price!

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