Glowgo now in stock!

Why Glowgo?

  • Glowgo comes in very simple formats with a huge range of applications, E.g. walls, floors, pathways, doors, light switches, enabling it to be used in the Plant, Office.
  • Glowgo is inconspicuous during daylight hours in order not to interfere with your visual environment.
  • The ultimate solution for interstitial and void spaces
  • Easily fitted by your own staff.
  • Self-adhesive with permanent high tack adhesion suitable to most surfaces.
  • Glowgo can be affixed using mastic or screws where self-adhesion is not suitable.
  • PVC free, meaning no lethal fumes or re-cycling issues.
  • Green friendly- no batteries or power required and easily re-cycled.
  • Available in Anti-microbial version for production, labs, cleanrooms, hospitals, care homes,
  • The most common form of aid mentioned by survivors of the 9/11 Disaster in interviews


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