to ice or not ice your premises? Nothing to do with gaskets.....

The Christmas period is traditionally a busy time of year for industry – but more customers, visitors and employees can also mean more accidents.

With the inclement wintry weather due this can mean ice in the car park or water being traipsed into buildings. Owners must be extra vigilant over the period to prevent a surge in 'slip and trips' claims. 

  • Regular inspection and cleaning regimes
  • Keep records (Ideally Photo's)
  • making sure grit is put down in outside areas and car parks (During icy periods ensure grit supplies are adequate)
  • Display warning signs that surfaces may be slippery when wet or icy.
  • Put down non-slip matt's inside to prevent wet floors.
Our Insurance Claims department are currently dealing with a claim where a visitor to the customers premises tripped on a 1 inch step/ramp - The claim currently stands at £2.2m.It is vitally important to keep documented time sheets of areas that have been inspected or cleaned. Having a documented procedure in place and adhered to will help you when it comes to defending any claims made.
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