When It's Vital. Choose Genuine Viton.

When It's Vital. Choose Genuine Viton.



Did you know our genuine, European manufactured, A075 Chemours® Viton® is a superior fluoroelastomer that will outlast all other general purpose polymers?

This means our Viton® A rubber sheeting is not only more resistant to acid, oils, chemicals and gases (including Sour Gas), but its physical properties, when compared to general polymers, are significantly higher!

Our Viton® A rubber sheet has:

  • an elongation at break of 235%
  • a highest working temperature of 200°C
  • a lowest working temperature of -20°C
  • a 70 degree hardness shore A,
  • a tensile strength at break of 6mpa

Our range of Oil & Gas products, including Viton® A rubber sheet, helps improve efficiency and reduce costs & downtime. Interested?

Visit www.corseal.co.uk or call us on 01787 282444

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