Success with new machinary

A two year period has now gone since we installed our new machine, this has enabled us to supply customers gaskets in a very quick turnaround and the cost saving of having zero tooling cost. With our new cutter, the...

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What Is Rubber For Industry?

Originally, rubber is a natural product. It is tapped from the Brazilian Rubber Tree, the Hevea Brasiliensis. By adding soot and a variety of other substances its various properties can be improved and matched to the particular application. As the...

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New Sales Member For Corseal

Corseal would like to welcome Paul Newbold to the sales team. Pauls previous experience's made him a perfect choice for this new and demanding role.Good luck!

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Solid Rubber High Load Gasket Used In Sports Stadium

Solid Rubber High Load Gasket used in Sports Stadium International Sports Stadium Manufacturer required low compressibility solid rubber gasket to perform a seal in high-load bearing application. A solid EPDM Rubber material was recommended and sampled to determine suitability in...

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